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Is your bathroom small? If so, you might be wondering how you can make it stylish and practical. However, with the right know-how, you can effectively utilize the space and make it gorgeous, just like a spacious bathroom. 

Although you might not have the luxury of a free-standing bath at the centre of the room or the presence of a sumptuous armchair in the bathroom, you can still accessorize it, make it appealing and welcoming, just like a bigger one.   

However, you should avoid cluttering this tinny room as you try to ooze sophistication and style. The article will offer you creative Shepparton bathroom ideas that can help you create a dream bathroom.

Bathroom renovation done by our tiling expert  in Shepparton with glossy gray porcelain tiles

Hang the Sanitary Ware  

Sticking the toilet to the wall saves a lot of space. This sanitary ware conceals the cistern, thus making the room less cluttered. Additionally, wall-hung toilets are compact because they are designed to increase floor space. 

Thus, the best Shepparton bathroom ideas focus on the effect of fittings on the space. Therefore, the best fittings shouldn’t stick out because if they do, they will encroach on the space and attract attention to it, making the room look cramped and small. 

Therefore, choose fixtures that take a smaller portion of your bathroom space while you leave the regular ones to a more spacious one to maintain maximum functionality. 

Use an Oval Bath 

The small space shouldn’t deny you the chance to have a free-standing bath. The oval tub is excellent at cutting corners, thus enhancing the impression of the space. Use the upper space by installing a shallow space to create a new surface for displaying an indoor plant and bath slats. 

Don’t Overlook Awkward Corner 

Your bathroom could have an awkward corner that is not tall enough for a shower. Space may arise as a result of an awkwardly shaped ceiling. However, you can convert this corner into a decorative feature. You can add a skylight to enhance lighting and create airy space.  

Place your free-standing bathtub at the corner and then creatively design a bath tray for your bath time supplies. Add task lighting and dimmable options behind a bath to introduce drama and mood.  

Hooks and Rails 

It’s crucial to free up every space in a small bathroom. One way of doing that is the use of hooks and rails to hang your towels and clothing. These fixtures take a couple of inches on the door and wall, thus not disrupting the décor of your bathroom. 

You can consider fixing the hook for holding the heated towel rail to save space in this room. Further, this feature has an added benefit because it keeps the towel both fluffy and warm.  

Further, you can create other hanging storage such as a wire basket for your shampoo, soap, and sponges. These creative Shepparton bathroom ideas provide storage and give it a classic appearance.  

Shower Enclosures  

Compact bathrooms have limited space that can’t accommodate a separate shower enclosure and a tub. However, installing a shower enclosure with sliding or infold doors is an excellent option for maximizing space in a tinny bathroom.  

The use of infold doors is an excellent Shepparton bathroom idea because they fold in on themselves neatly instead of opening into the room. The sliding doors are also another option because they slide along the rails placed in the enclosure. Therefore the two-door options are classy because they don’t encroach on the space either outside or inside the enclosure.  

Savvy Bathroom Storage  

Most bathrooms have open shelves because they offer lots of storage. However, that doesn’t mean you should also fit your tinny bathroom with such shelves. Instead, you can apply the best Shepparton bathroom ideas like fixing stylish features for your beauty products and towels.  

Some of these fixtures are space savings vanity units that provide you with a lot of storage for cosmetics, soaps, shower gels, and linens. You can opt for specially designed furniture with no intrusion so that you can save space and still put away things to minimize cluttering the countertops and window sills, thus creating a streamlined and clean bathroom. 


Homeowners use tiles to enhance the aesthetic value of their house. However, most invest in small tiles hoping to transform the space and make it appear large, but the bathroom looks smaller due to the many grouting lines. The same applies to busy, patterned tiles, for they make space smaller. On the other hand, more significant, plain tiles have different effects because they have fewer grouting lines. 

Shepparton bathroom ideas recommend the use of plain colours for your small bathroom walls. These tiles are simple but effective in making your bathroom appear more prominent. 

Use Paint to Create Illusion  

Paint can create an illusion of height, mainly when you paint the bathroom walls halfway up. You can use a darker paint shade to create depth. This simple paint trick is one of the best Shepparton bathroom ideas that make a small space look larger than it is in real sense.     

Fix Wallpaper  

You can disguise a tinny bathroom using beautiful wallpaper, thus creating interest in this space. Buy a wallpaper designed explicitly for bathrooms to help them cope with wet, warm conditions.  

Use of Mirrors

Photo of a cozy bathroom design we completed in Shepparton

The use of mirrors in a small bathroom can have profound effects, for they contribute to the impression or illusion that your bathroom is big. Thus, couple the plain tiles with a mirror that makes the floor and the walls appear larger. 

You have a list of the best Shepparton bathroom ideas that can transform that small space into a clutter-free and practical bathroom. The simple tips will not only impress the guests but will leave the tinny space both tidy and neat.   

Shepparton Bathrooms Renovations is a team of experienced professionals that can help transform your compact bathroom and make it appear larger. The experts will experiment with features such as flooring, lighting, install floating storage, and other creative ideas to give you that dream bathroom you’re looking for. Call us at 0491 728 623 or email us at [email protected]

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