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Bathroom tiling enhances the appearance of your bathroom as well as increases the value of your home. For that reason, you may be wondering whether you should use ceramic, stone or glass tiles for the walls, floor or countertops.

Another question that might be still lingering in your head is whether to tile the entire room or certain vital areas. Today, tiling materials are not only affordable, but there is a broad spectrum of designs, colours, shapes and texture. Therefore, you can have a glossy white, encaustic-effect, metro brick or wood-look or more styles.

The article will evaluate the two options of tiling and at the end provide a verdict of which tiling option is superior.

Reasons Why Homeowners Prefer Fully Tiled Bathrooms

A fully tiled bathroom has tiles from the floor up to the ceiling. The homeowners intend to make tiles the dominant feature in their bathroom. You may also want to make a statement by going full, and it’s considered an element in the modern bathrooms. The following are the benefits of a fully-tiled bathroom.

Easier To Clean

A fully-tiled room makes cleaning easier. For instance, wall tiles have a smooth surface that allows shower water to drip seamlessly. Thus, these surfaces don’t get stained quickly; therefore, it doesn’t take long to clean the entire bathroom.

Easier To Install

It’s easier to install these tiles as compared to the half-tilled bathroom because you don’t do extra work of painting the ceiling or the remaining part of the wall.

It’s a Cheaper Option

A fully-tiled bathroom has walls covered with tiles; thus, you don’t need to buy skirting boards or to skim the walls. These saves money and time associated with installation.

Make the room Brighter

A floor-to-ceiling tiling creates a brighter feeling because light bounces off on these surfaces in a pleasing, refreshing way. This can make a huge difference when your bathroom is small. Tiling a smaller bathroom from the floor to the ceiling enhances the overall feel and impact of the room. It’s also ideal in a bathroom without natural light; thus, full tiles create a visual continuity hence opening up a room that was expected to be dark.

Appears Bigger

Having tiles from the floor to the ceiling makes it look bigger. The presence of many tiles provides a vast space for the light to bounce more, thus giving an illusion that the room is more extensive.

Gives a Heavy Impact

Wrapping the entire room with tiles leaves a long-lasting impact on the room and makes it memorable. You can opt to have tiles of similar colour, texture or shape. On the other hand, you can use different-coloured tiles on the floor, the ceiling, the basin and the walls, thus giving your bathroom an unfussy look.

Bathroom renovation job done in Shepparton with fully tiled bathroom

Partially Tiled Bathroom

A half-tiled bathroom is one with tiles covering parts of the wall that gets into contact with the water. These areas are the shower walls, the floor and areas behind the sinks. Further, in a partially-tiled surface, the installer has to match the grout to make it invisible and give it a streamlined appearance.

Bathroom renovation job done in Shepparton with partially tiled bathroom

The Advantages of having a Partially Tiled Bathroom

A Neat Look

Tiles are uniformly run around the walls up to the shoulder height, thus giving the room a neat appearance.

Less Costly to Install

A partially-tiled bathroom has fewer tiles, thus less material and labour cost as well as the time needed to install these tiles. However, you will spend on skimming and buying skirting boards for the walls that are uncovered.

Cheaper To Renovate

It’s cheaper to renovate your bathroom in the future than a fully-tiled room. It’s easier to change the colour of the remaining parts when it’s necessary, thus giving your bathroom tiling a new look than a fully-tiled room.

Showcase your Creativity

You can use the non-tiled portion to make a style statement. Therefore, use this space to bring a sense of style in this room.

Bathroom Ideas for Fully-Tiled Bathroom

Uniform Look

Use similar tiles from the floor to the ceiling. For instance, off-white tiles will give your bathroom a sterile, beautiful look.

Blue Walls

Use small blue-coloured tiles to create a cheery look. You can achieve this using white tiles on the rest of the wall and ceiling and small blue tile around the bathtub, ledges, around the sink area and door.

Artistic Look

Use creative design to bring a spacious bathroom to scale by the use of large tiles. Achieve this by installing larger tiles on the floor and different sizes on the walls and the ceiling.

Horizontal Lines

Use large, horizontal tiles to make your bathroom tiling look longer than it is in a real sense. The lines are effective in increasing the available space. The idea will only highlight critical areas. You can also use coloured glass tiles on the sides of the shower area to draw attention.

Mixed Up

Incorporate an old and new look to create stylistic variation. For instance, why not use 70’s colour and tiles on the shower area and a modern look at the other areas such as the floor, ceiling and countertop.

Partially Tiled Bathroom

A half-tiled bathroom gives you more room for personalization and customization. You can combine tiles, paint, fixtures and wall hangings to create a statement.

Tiled Shower

Use tiles in unexpected ways to create a unique effect. For instance, you can use different tiles on the shower. Create a pattern using vertical tiles of diverse lengths on the walls of the shower, a different texture on the floor, countertop and paint the rest of the bathroom.


It’s vital to view tiles as both functional and d├ęcor items. This will help you to draw attention to specific sections of the bathroom tiling. For instance, why not use smaller tiles on the floor and wall around the mirror area to attract attention there while you paint the other areas.

Fancy Floors

Use smaller tiles with a different texture on the bathroom floor, shower floor and the toilet area and different tiles on other places to give a contrast.


The decision to tile your bathroom either fully or partial is dependent on other factors but not design. Thus, money is one of the critical determinants of the option you will go for. For instance, you can go for a full tile effect when money is no object; otherwise, you can choose to tile half and paint the other areas.

Personal preference is another factor; however, you can seek professional assistance from experts such as Shepparton Bathroom Renovations.

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