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Are you planning to remodel your old bathroom in the future? Remodelling this bath space will add value to your property, meet your present needs, and update its style, thus making it attractive. 

During this period, you can introduce the best Shepparton bathroom shower ideas that you have always wanted your shower to have.  

Having a walk-in shower makes the bathroom more elegant and functional irrespective of having a bathtub or not. It gives the room a modern look and allows you to use the remaining space effectively.  

Thus, it’s essential to look for designs or ideas that will enhance your bathroom appearance.

Bathroom shower design done in Shepparton with marble bathroom tiles

1.Enclosed Shower 

The transparent glass material can be used to isolate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. That means that the shower will be encased in glass panels touching both the ceiling and the floor. Fix small shelves for holding your shower products and towels. Further, you can make a statement by installing an oversize showerhead. 

2.A Window 

A bathroom window irrespective of its size can make a huge difference. Thus, having a window is not only one of the Shepparton bathroom shower ideas but also an excellent addition in this space. It will give you a unique sensation when you see and feel natural light, embracing you as you show.   

To make the experience better, you can install a ceiling window to increase the amount of light getting into the bathroom. You can further enhance the appearance by adding accessories or decorations that blend well with the rest of the bathroom. 

3.Walk-In Shower and Steam Generator 

Another incredible Shepparton bathroom shower idea is combining a shower enclosure and a steam generator to form a steam room or a simple spa. You can include a small window for proper air circulation when using the shower alone. Thus you can use this bathroom as a steam room or a regular bath, thus allowing you to relax at the comfort of your home. 

4.Walk-In Shower in a Small Bathroom 

Some homes have smaller bathrooms that make it hard to create a walk-in shower without sacrificing a significant space. Such a bathroom can be designed without making the room feel cramped using glass and simple lines. Having a frameless, sliding shower door will save a lot of space. 

Use subway tiles and avoid installing a bathtub in your small walk-in shower, for this will reduce the space further. 

5.Rounded Out Shower in a Tiny Bathroom 

Putting an enclosed shower or tub in a tiny bathroom can be tricky due to the limited space. However, you can install a corner shower or a quarter-round corner shower, sliding doors, or those that slide on tracks rather than swinging outward. These options reduce door obstructions that can affect the implementation of the Shepparton bathroom shower idea and designs. Further, the door will not shatter because it’s made of acrylic.  

6.Create a Spa-Like Shower 

With adequate resources and space, you can experiment with Shepparton bathroom shower ideas to create a spa-like shower. You can easily create enough storage space for your shower products, use attractive floor tiles, including a limestone bench, and a large window to provide enough natural light.   

7.Nature-Inspired Shower 

One of the top Shepparton bathroom shower ideas advocates for getting closer to nature, especially when taking a shower.  For that reason, you should use natural stone and wood to create a unique design. That means you can use wood or river stones to create a decorative feature. 

8.Luxury Shower

Photo of our completed bathroom renovation in Shepparton with marble floor and wall tiles

Your shower can look luxurious when you combine colours, high-quality materials, and finishes. Use your creativity to create a perfectly aligned luxury shower by installing natural stone or glass tiles, mirrors, vanity, and lighting fixtures.  

In a large bathroom, you can use frameless glass walls and doors as well as a ceiling window to allow natural light. Include a built-in bench to enable you to bask or shave in steam while relaxing. 

Combine marble tiles with gold fixtures to create an elegant look without feeling haughty or too overdone.  

9.Separate Shower and Tub Areas 

A master bathroom is more spacious than the rest; thus, you can beautifully incorporate a designed custom glass-enclosed shower from the Shepparton bathroom shower ideas and a separate tub.   

Avoid visual chaos created by having the two together in the same bathroom since they have different backgrounds. Instead, try matching materials such as using the same type of natural stone on the tub and shower surrounds.  

You can also include grey veined marble flooring and walls, wall-mounted shower head and hand shower made from polished nickel in addition to a wood vanity. 

10.Colour-Inspired Relaxing Shower 

Colour influences the mode and tone of your home. Thus, opt for a relaxing hue for your bathroom. For instance, crystal blue ocean waters are very inspiring, particularly in the morning.  

Therefore, you can install blue marble tiles on the shower walls, and the mirrors in the bathroom will reflect it well. Add fixtures with different shades of blue to make your bathing seem like being done at the beach.  

11.In-Shower Shelving  

You need to create storage space for your shampoos, conditioners, soap, and scrubbers. You can stick together shelves during the bathroom remodelling project. These cubbies can be placed on top of the other or alongside each other, thus providing enough space for the tubes and bottles and keeping everything neat and tidy. 

The article has provided you with 11 Shepparton bathroom shower ideas, but there are several designs that you can implement when remodelling your bathroom. As shown above, some designs are affected by the availability of space and working with a tight budget. 

A tiny bathroom may be limiting, especially when you want to install both shower and tub. In other cases, space may not be enough for a bathtub. However, you can instead install a walk-in shower at the corner and a window to allow natural light.   

Shepparton Bathroom Renovations will be glad to work with you during the bathroom remodelling project. You can contact us at 0491 728 623 or email us at [email protected] for more suggestions and a quote. 

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